Thursday, May 21, 2009

Outta Time!

The oldest and youngest Price (me and Jude) are both just getting over from being sicky icky, but I just got these pictures back from my friend Cordie (she's fantasmic! Click here for more of her work) and I wanted to show some of our favorites before I have to run back to the bathroom and contemplate how horrible having the flu is when you're about to move to Montana for the summer and desperately need to pack for the 24 hour drive... This isn't the order of the pictures I was hoping to post, but here he is! 1 Year Old Jude!

We're outta here - on our way to Montana in the morning!

We'll miss you Michigan!

Friday, May 1, 2009

To All The Haters

So... Before reading any further, please understand that I'm not willing to discuss it or especially argue about it because I think its a VERY VERY personal decision. But I've been trying a personally modified version of Infant Potty Training. Because it's seemingly a new idea, it appears weird to most of you. And after the most random people find out about what I'm doing (and I'm not very open about it - Before this post anyways), they feel free to lecture me on how I need to wait until Jude's ready a.k.a when they started potty training their own kid (between 2 and 3).

So to all the haters: Jude signed to me TWICE today (so it wasn't just luck) that he needed to go potty, and both times he pooped in the potty. When he's done he signs "All Done" and that's it. Periodically throughout the day I ask him if he needs to go potty, sit him down, and if he has to go, he goes, if he doesn't, the second I sit him down he signs "all done" meaning he doesn't have to go. Eventually he'll sign to me about needed to pee as well, and then we'll work on the night time, and my kid will be out of diapers and free of diaper rash by about 18 months.

It works for me, and Jude's bum is happy. Thanks, Kesli, for being supportive and for teaching me that's it's a personal decision and that Jude and I can do it our own way!