Monday, February 9, 2009

9 Months Today!

So this was meant to be posted last Sunday, February 8th...

Since the only interesting things about this blog have to do with Jude - I'm copying my friend Cali, who in turn copied it from her friend, who also copied it from someone else. It's a brilliant idea and brilliant ideas are meant to be shared...

My little boy Jude:

You're 9 months old today! And you're sharing this excitement with your Aunt Kristine's thirtieth birthday. (Happy Birthday Kristine!) As I sit here with bruised knees from crawling around with you all morning and bruised ribs from laughing so hard with you, I can hardly believe you're mine. Of all the babies and all the moms that Heavenly Father has created, he sent you to me. It's madness! You and I are a perfect fit.

Lately you and I have been having crawl races. For many months you would crawl like a wounded soldier, but for the last 5 weeks you've been crawling for real. And this last week you're pretty dang fast! We play hide and seek and you get so excited when you find me that you scream and crawl in a circle frantically. It's the most adorable thing in the world!

You are deathly afraid of the vacuum. Even when it's turned off, you won't go near it. It's the only thing in the entire house that you haven't explored around and studied. You even know where the vacuum lives when it's in the closet and you won't go near that closet unless the vacuum is out of it. Whenever I turn it on you tense up every muscle in your body and basically cannot function. You don't cry, but you're literally scared stiff. You're such a funny little boy.

But, you're a little bit naughty too! While I had noticed a couple little teeth marks on the top of your brand new very expensive crib, just a few days ago, when I picked you up out of your crib and you had dark paint flecks on your chin, I realized you've been grinding your bottom teeth on the part of the rail that faces you! You're like a baby beaver! But all four of your front teeth have come in so quickly that I can understand your need to soothe yourself. The trouble for me is that you don't cry when you wake up, so I just go and get you when I can hear you playing in there. So it's hard for me to catch you before you start gnawing on the crib. By the way, your shoes are a quick second choice to your crib.

You've nearly doubled in size since we brought you to Ann Arbor. You were unbelievably skinny at 4 months - and now you're a little chunk! You've got chunky little thighs and everyone says that now that you're chubbier - you look like your mom. I try not to be offended :) But you're so handsome and perfect that of course I love that anyone sees a resemblance. With that being said, sometimes your dad and I look at you and you are his spitting image.

You're the happiest boy. You love your mommy and daddy. And we love you so very much. Happy 9 months. You're ours forever and we love every minute of it.

Love Mommy (with Daddy's love too!)